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Sunday, April 6, 2014

What's your poison?


The knitting variety not the jabby, stabby, hurtie variety.

There's a bajillion* and one materials that knitting needles are made from these days and everyone has a preference.

The ones I have in my collection are bamboo, metal and plastic.

My collection of needles, stored in a coffee jar.

Plastic would have to be my least favourite. They bend, the possibility of them snapping is greater and they're blunt tipped which makes them awkward to do decreases or lace work with, but brilliant if you're accident prone or just starting out and need that assurance that your yarn won't fall off the needle. Plastic is quite 'grippy'.

Next fave would be bamboo. They're light, warm to your touch and have a good point on them. But they can also warp and I have found my yarn can get 'caught' on them if I'm a bit rough and get a bit of a splinter happening. I didn't buy particularly expensive ones, so perhaps it's a quality issue in this case. If I forked out decent cash for them and they still splintered or cracked then I'd be pissed.

They're also good for a beginner. They have enough grip that the stitches stay in place but not so much that you have to push your stitches up every few seconds like with the plastic counterparts. The point on my bamboo needles is pointy enough to handle decreases easily, but not so pointy that my toddler will take her eye out with it.

Which, the likelihood of that happening is quite high. She's pretty clumsy.

My favourite would have to be the metal, or aluminum depending on who you're asking. They're good for basic patterns that you can speed through, have a decent point on them, are fairly easy to find and are relatively inexpensive. They also seem to agree with most yarns as well, with little to no snagging or splitting.

They do warp though, can be noisy to use and are quite cold and heavy. They're not a material I would recommend for someone who is arthritic in the hands.

They're my mothers fave, and she has carpal tunnel. She refuses to try bamboo or something smoother and lighter.

Stubborn fool.

There are plenty of materials and styles I'm yet to try, like the interchangeable variety by KnitPro. These needles look especially fancy. I'm also drawn to the shiny-ness of stainless steel and think they would behave in much of the same way as metal/aluminium.

I think it's funny how everyone has a preference, and that your knitting needle choice can be as individual as the knitter themselves. I guess another way to show off our wonderfully creative personalities right?

Tell me, what's your preference? Are you a brand snob? Would you say you're a go with the flow and knit with what's available? Are you an assess the needle type needed BEFORE commencing a project? Have you ever used the interchangeable needle variety? Did you enjoy it?

Do you want me stop the interrogation and let get on with your happy day?

Yea, I figured as much.

Green- Plastic, Silver/Grey- Metal, Brown- Bamboo

*A bajillion may or may not be a real number

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