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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2014!!!

I bet you're wondering where everything went?

I thought it's a new year might as well start the blog afresh. Reading back, I didn't like the tone of how I was writing about my projects. It sounded a bit Negative Nancy and Moan-y so, I thought I would start new and focus on the positives that knitting brings, not the negatives. Saying that, still expect plenty of swears.

I have a couple of knitting New Years Resolutions, mainly about how slack I've been lately.

  • Focus on one Project at a time- My aim is try to finish something before starting another. If I get too caught up in what I would like to do then perhaps keep track of a 'Knitting wish list' in a notebook or on OneNote or something similar.
  • Buy better quality- Due to only being on one income money has been tight. I've been buying lots of cheap yarn and not necessarily enjoying using it or been happy with the results it produces. I must remember to hang out for sales or scour the internet for affordable quality yarn. Think QUALITY not QUANTITY
  • Use up what I have- On a completely contradictory note, I want to use up what I already have. Even if I don't like it. If I only have little scrap bits left that wouldn't really be enough to make anything from them. Then I'll donate them to my daughters daycare centre for craft supplies. 
  • Try not to be too hard on myself- This is a massive one. I'm the personality type that expects perfection first go, I need to treat each project as a learning experience and keep in mind that an expert in anything was once a beginner.
  • Knit everyday- Even if it's only a couple of lines. I'm less likely to get bored with a project if I see it ticking along and growing a little bit each day.
  • Post more frequently- Self explanatory really, even if it's quick updates on projects or product/tutorial related stuff that I find

That's about it. I've been enjoying getting back into knitting and I definitely have been getting better at taking it 'one step at a time'.

Wish me luck in maintaining my goals and I'll keep you posted on upcoming projects.

I should hang one of these in my office


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