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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Project:White Baby Jumper

Only a week into the blog revamp and I have another post up.

Go Me!!

Shhh, let's celebrate the little victories.

My Aunty in the UK loves to visit op shops and find some nice vintage patterns for me and posts them over. At 10p a pop I really don't blame her.

Today, we'll be working off King Cole DK Pattern 635.

Not the best picture, but you can buy this pattern from this UK ebay seller here

Specs of material used:

Brand: Marvel
Colour: White
Fibre Make Up: 100% Acrylic
Buy it: It's Spotlight's in-house brand so you can only get it at Spotlight.

I did the V neck sweater pictured on the bottom of the pattern. I'm anti cardigans at the moment due to previous cardigan project disasters. For some reason I can't make nice button holes, but we'll file 'piss poor attempts at buttonhole making' under work in progress for now.

The pattern was really easy to memorise which, is good for me and my 'knit in front of the telly' habits. I must admit, I was disappointed that this pattern didn't have the nice left and right leaning raglans that its pictured cardigan cousins have, and the finished product does look a little 'boxy'.

If you're clever enough I'm sure you could work a nice leaning raglan into the pattern and adjust the sleeves to suit but for now I'll stick with what is printed in front of me.

I knitted the smallest size, which the pattern states is a 40 cm chest size.

Or giant if you have the intentions of knitting the project for a newborn, just like I did.

I used white because I didn't know the sex of my baby (I do now) and it was one of the few colours that I was in ample supply of.

Here's my finished result:

This is my image altered close up so you could see the pattern, I really need a new camera.

Not even knitting is safe from my *achem* 'photoshop' skills

Please note: The images above are before the item was washed and steamed pressed. I like to get a few items together before running a load in my fancy smancy Aldi brand wool wash (seriously this shit is the best and it's like $2.50!)

The images of the pattern have been brightened and contrasted to best show the pattern up close. I'm far from a photography expert and my little point and shoot camera is bordering on 10 years old. So, apologies for the shoddy shots.

For a return to knitting project debut, I'm really happy with the finished result. I did find it hard to keep in pattern while doing decreases, but if you're mindful about it and think ahead about what stitch types are coming up and what type of decrease is best you can get a very nice result.

I would happily make this pattern again and would definitely recommend a plain coloured yarn. The printed or Fair Isle types of yarn out there would make this pattern too 'busy'.

It's also a pattern suited for a boy or girl.

If you're fortunate enough to find this vintage gem of a pattern while scouring op shops and secondhand book shops please comment below with your finished product.

Or comment anyway cos you're awesome and would like to tell me I'm awesome too.


I mean it....

I'd get a kick out of it....


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